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Testimonials About Our Christian Salvation Services

Learn what other customer's say about our Christian salvation services and book. At PMC Ministries, Gary Rath was enlightened by Jesus Christ to be a witness through the blessings and the love the Lord has promised his children to believe in and follow him. Learn more about God's message through his scriptural enrichment messages from his book. Contact PMC Ministries to learn more about our Bible lessons and speeches.

This is a great read. Truly a supernatural book. Makes you hungry for God and His presence in your life!

Pastor Gary L.H, Nebraska

Very Enjoyable - I hated to put it down until finished - you will never be the same after reading it. Not since I read the "Left Behind" book and the book "Heaven Is For Real" has there been a book that I hated to put down before I finished the whole book. You will never be the same after reading it.

Chuck K. Nebraska

Feeling as a wilted flower - Life had taken its toll through the years. This book has been a miracle in my life - as if spiritual water is pouring down upon me. You are the preacher's preacher!

Ella G. Tennessee

Watching the program "Atlanta Live"  from Georgia I listened to how the Lord had changed Gary's life - the love he had for God and how the book was a testament to that. Had never heard anyone speak like that before. The words were not his but the Lord speaking through him. I was overcome with emotion.

Ruby S. North Carolina

Having experienced an extremely painful divorce - the pain would not go away. Little or no help had been obtained from pastors, counselors, etc. Until reading this book - peace came upon me - overwhelming comfort and love from Jesus. I am free now! When is the next book coming out?

Janice F. Nebraska

"I Have Been Brought to this Place" is one of the best books I have ever read in my life. A copy of it is in my examination room. I tell my patients about it and to get a copy of it.

Dr. Roger C. Nebraska

Surfing channels and getting ready to "click" again, Gary was just being introduced on the "Friends and Neighbors" program from Atlanta, Georgia, The Lord clearly spoke: "Do not touch it, listen to what he has to say". Gary captivated my attention with his message of love for the Lord. The Lord was speaking through him. I cannot wait to get my copy!

Carolyn A. Georgia

"I Have Been Brought to this Place" is a book I could not put down being drawn to it by the Holy Spirit. My theological studies and writings are all Christian in nature. I spoke to the Lord that there was no way this individual wrote this - it came from You. I was blessed to have it. A few minutes after finishing the book the phone rang. To my shock it was my stepdaughter calling. She said "Dad I want to come home, we need to be a family again". We have tried in vain to find her - she had lost contact not wanting to be found. This was the first time we had heard from her in 26 years! Thank you so much. Keep serving the Lord for you are a kindred heart.

Doug O. Oklahoma