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Gary says that he didn’t write the book—God did. Under God's guidance Gary was told when to write and when to do things associated with the book, and the story inside is quite profound. The visions and walks with God can be quite overwhelming, and the testimonies only say a brief part of the whole story. You’ll find an earthly perspective of Heavenly things in this book, Gary’s words alongside those inspired by God. People watch their lives go by in the fast lane. It’s time we stop and give our lives up to God.

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PMC Ministries in Papillion, Nebraska, is "humbled to share" I Have Been Brought to this Place, a Christian book about life and faith.  This book is meant for those who think they are destined to walk the same path, deal with the same struggles, and suffer with the same shortcomings. Gary used to think so also, until his life was radically changed by the power of God. He learned firsthand that it’s never too late for a fresh start. The book “I Have Been Brought To This Place” is filled with the Lord's love and promises. God has blessed Gary in ways as a faithful servant with a profound unending love, and blesses all who find their way to Him. Those who read Gary's book bring forth the same message…the book draws one in, page by page, chapter by chapter, from the front cover to the last word on the back cover with the promise of His endless love waiting to be experienced and savored. In this Christian book, you’ll find that no matter what you’ve done, you can still find the only refreshment that will ever truly satisfy you in the Love of God.

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