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Christian Speaker & Scriptural Enrichment

The Lord Jesus Christ has enlightened Gary to be a witness through the blessings and to the endless love the Lord has promised to all of His children who come to believe in and follow Him. Gary has been most humbled on this journey to share with so many from all walks of life that are called to truly know, love and serve Him. Through the grace and blessing of the Lord Gary's message proclaims Christian enlightenment in words everyone can understand.

Spiritual Education

While we're technologically advancing, we're spiritually regressing, moving farther from the word of God and the power of His Kingdom. It's time for a revival, and our Christian messenger is ready to start it. Get out of your rut by coming to know God and His Son. During our Biblical Truths, you'll learn the powers of God's Word, as well as his Love and Guidance, and learn how each of us should search out God on a daily basis. Don't only seek Him when you need him, seek Him each day to walk a path in a truly Christian journey.

Speaker Kit